About Us

Betsy (Halfmann) Lehnert opened Halfmann's Cake Cottage in 1982 in the small "blue" building on West Harris Street in San Angelo, TX. Elvira Halfmann (mother of seven children) was the inspiration behind the cakes created in this bakery. Elvira had learned how to make icing roses and flowers in the 50's and began making beautiful cakes for her large family and friends. Soon her skill and creativity was well known throughout the San Angelo area.

When Halfmann's Cake Cottage first opened, we specialized in birthday and wedding cakes only. Because of a need in the community for other baked products, we started baking a few cookies and pies. As our reputation for quality cakes and bakery products grew, we added more items to the product list.

We soon began to deliver our cakes, cookies, and pies in the San Angelo area. We noticed that the recipient of a "Halfmann's box of goodies" always elicited a beautiful smile from the recipient --thus, our motto was born: "We Bake the Sweetest Smiles."

In 1998, we moved across the street into the Village Shopping Center. This move provided the space needed for our continued growth.

Halfmann's Cake Cottage continues to offer personal service with a smile, quality baked products, and custom-designed cakes for all occasions.

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